Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit

Galen's Thursday Afternoon Report

Keman's posted the last few entries in our LJ, so it's my turn.

Further Confusion
Keman did a pretty good job of summing things up from his perspective, so I don't have all that much more to add to it. Or maybe I do. We'll see.

I didn't bring my fursuit this year... I didn't really want to deal with the extra baggage, and the fursuit needs quite a bit of repair work done. Really it needs to be remade with better fur, etc. from the ground up. As such, I didn't participate in the Critterlympics, so no stories to tell from that. I don't even know who won.

We spent most of Sunday sitting in the art auction, because the #*(!%^ art show people couldn't get their acts together and get the auction started on time. Or even close to on time, for that matter. The pocket schedule showed the general art auction starting at noon. I think it might have gotten started by 1:45. We were bidding on one piece, which (as we should have guessed) was the last item auctioned off. Did they provide a list with an approximate order of items? Of course not. After all that waiting, there wasn't even much of a bidding war. There was only one other bidder, and he had more money available than we did. He put in one bid, we beat it, he beat ours, and I decided we couldn't really afford to go any higher. I asked him later how high he would have been willing to go , and the number he gave me ($5k) confirmed my thought that we didn't really need to keep bidding. Ah well, maybe next year.

Saturday night, we played a game called Lupus in Tabula, which Keman and I both enjoyed. I've ordered a copy so I can introduce some of my local friends to it. It's a fun party game that can support up to 24 people.

The flight back Monday was kinda miserable from a number of perspectives. We were kinda rushed getting to the airport and through security, because of things that went on in the morning (such as Keman being sick, and having to find his jacket and phone, and the damaged artwork). We got to the airport, got food, waited in line to get through security, and finally got to the gate just as they started boarding. Whee. Keman's coughing and sniffling during most of the flight didn't make it any more enjoyable - I don't fault him for that, he can't control when he gets sick, but it did kinda sour my mood. The (!*#$ sub-freezing temperature at BWI when we got in didn't help either. At least the car heats up fast.

Work's going alright this week. I'm down to 0 open tickets for CMS, and 3 for BDSS. This means I have more time to do other things. Yay! I've got a few meetings coming up next week, so that all might change.

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