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Noone seems to know about this...

Basically you send a cellphone sms message to "googl" (no e) with things like:

22152 weather

.. it'll message you back the weather for the zipcode 22152

1388 dulles technology drive herndon va to 82382 some street some city some state.

That'll message you back with directions on how to get from one place to another.

pizza 22152

Where to find pizza...

or even...


that'll tell you where whoever has that # lives.

All of this information is available with a simple sms message. No firing up your web browser. No logging in. No links. No waiting.

Pretty f'n cool eh? AND NOONE KNOWS ABOUT IT! .. that's the most amazing part. Every person I've asked has been like "What's that?" .. and I show them and they're like "Wow..."

- Keman
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