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I now know 4 people besides me who got sick from going to the con ....

This raises an interesting point with regards to personal responsibility for your actions. People harp americans as avoiding responsibility again and again (myself included) but really, at what point does the responsibility no longer be your own? I'll explain some examples.

You're yacking on your cellphone and you rear end someone, totalling their new car but not injuring anyone. Are you responsible for this? Will you (your insurance company) remediate the situation?

What about the traffic jam you caused? Are you responsible for this?

The financial loss due to traffic jams is difficult to compute. Some will say that no real money is ever lost, because it's merely a delay and what would have sold will still sell, what work needs to get done will still get done in most instances.

How about something more direct.

Your kid has chickenpox. You send him to school anyways because you don't want to have to stay home with him and it doesn't appear to be a bad case anyways and if it gets worse you know the school can call you and you'll come pick him up. "Most kids are immunized against chickenpox these days anyways so why do I care?" 5 kids promptly come down with chickenpox. 1 dies from it. Are you responsible in any way?

You're diagnosed with HIV. Before anyone finds out, you go out and have unprotected sex with 5 people who you thought didn't know each other. 4 of them seroconvert and after some time trace it back to you. Are you responsible?

You start developing symptoms of the flu. You're not very sick yet because it hasn't kicked in fully, but you're aware that now is the time you're most likely to shed the virus contagion. Going to the con means a lot to you so you decide to go anyways. 35 people are infected with the cold that you expose them to. Are you responsible?

Where do you draw the line between ignorance and negligence? At what point are you responsible for your actions?
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