Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit

just a bit ostentatious

So there is this guy at my work who parks his new ford F150 in the handicap spot closest to the building. I see it there every day. Sometimes I see him walking to and from it. He appears perfectly healthy. No crutches, no limp, nothing overweight, and he eats at Mcdonalds. I know cuz I followed him there one time inadvertantly.

Today there's a flock of mexicans scurrying around his truck. There is an on-site detailing wash truck parked next to it (also in a handicap spot), and his truck has all the doors open with a bunch of detailing guys detailing the interior.

I had noticed that his truck was always spotless. Now I know how.

I'll bet that handicap hang tag is fake. This company is too big for me to find out unfortunately. Ahwell.

I'm not feeling very humble lately.

- Keman
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