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Abandon ship!!

Holy shit!!!

I ordered my phone from Ordered it on the 3rd. It was approved to be shipped on the 4th overnight. On the 6th we started calling. After Galen sat on hold for a collective time of over one hour (thank you Galen) the most they could tell us was that it /should/ ship on monday. They didn't know why it hadn't shipped yet, and they couldn't provide in email verification that it would ship.

So we did some research... as I should have to begin with. The above URL was what I came up with.

HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of terrible experiences. The $250 in rebates? Won't happen.

So.. we're calling to cancel right now. These fsckers are probably going to try and charge us for something. I put it on the mastercard so... I'll dispute the charges if I have to.

In the mean time, I gotta wonder what TMobile is going to do. This could suck in a huge way .. but would suck worse if I actually took delivery of the phone.


- Keman
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