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A change of pace...

I've ordered a sidekick 2 from through tmobile. If you get the $39.99/mo 1500 minute plan, they make the phone free after mail-in rebates (which we actually mail in). Add the $20/mo unlimited sidekick data plan that gets you email, text, sms, etc, and the $5.99/mo equipment protection plan, and it ends up being around $70/mo including taxes. Not bad for a FREE phone.

The goods: always-on AIM connectivity, easy web browsing, easy typing, won't fall between the seats. Free.
The bads: locked-up functionality, won't fit between the seats, terrible voice communications. Questionable durability.

What's important to me: I hate talking on the phone. So the voice communications don't really matter to me. If it works in an emergency, hey that's all I need. If someone wants to call and say they're on their way over my house, works for me. For the rest- IM me. hehe. Queued conversations = very good for people with ADHD.

The unlimited data plan is great, cingular doesn't even offer one for less than like $80 a month all on it's own. tmobile fits the bill and is one of the few companys I've never done business with before.

GTE, Cingular, Verizon, Nextel, Sprint, Cellular 1- each and every one has sucked dead donkeys for wooden nickels and gave back change. So. Basically, every cell company sucks, pick what you want based on what you want to spend and hope for the best.

Best part is, this phone is in my name entirely, they approved my credit app with no deposit required. Hey hey hey, movin on up in the credit score world! Who'da thunk that I've signed on 5 mortgages and cars that cost the better half of 6 digits in the past? It's not just the 6 million dollar man that can be rebuilt with some time, patience, and determination. And it doesn't take 6 million bucks to do it.

lugubriously. This word was in a sci-fi book I was reading last night. Odd. It means mournfully. But it came out of nowhere, in a book that has a high school level vocabulary at best. I've never heard of it till now, and the manner in which it was used was entirely counterintuitive. Odd.

- Keman
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