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Ok, post-con anaysis.

Yesterday: Exited the shower at the hotel to the sound of "Uh oh" ... this is the sound that the person sharing our room makes when he spills water onto my highly appreciated 13x19" print. It's the only piece of art I was coming back with and boy that did not make my day start well. We've just now managed to arrange for a second copy (there is no original, it's CG) to be mailed to us. Today: Awoke with one huge (*$#*$ COLD. I've stumbled out of bed after laying in it for 16 hours, and I'm goin back for more since the room is spinning right now and I've got a fever. Coincidence that the water-spilling roommate was sick as hell at the con and spent a lot of it in bed right next to us coughing his brains out? Probably not. Prognosis: We're not sharing a room to save money in the future. Period. End of discussion.

Con Goers: If you're sick? STAY HOME!

Other wonderful events include being called a "stupid idiot" and exclaiming the word "SHIT!" when I informed the San Jose TSA airport security lady that no, I cannot take my collar off as it's locked and I don't have a key for it here. Luckily she said the name calling behind my back in front of Galen when I wasn't paying attention. When informed of this Galen had to almost physically restrain me from marching back to the security area to give that bitch the good response she deserves. Doubtless that I would not be here right now if I did, or at the very least we'd have missed our flight. "You do not make a scene in airport security, Keman." .. yeah hon you're right. But did either you or I get her name so we can complain? Nope. Not that it'd accomplish much of anything anyways. I'd love to barter a video recording of that little stunt with TSA for something on the order of $100k or so. Prognosis: I can't wait for the TSA to get granted even more rights to F&#* us legally in some mirage of "security" ...

Aren't security recordings made of the whole TSA area? I want that bitch fired.
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