Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit

I received an email this morning from eBay, titled "A26 TKO NOTICE: Restored Account". Normally when I get emails like this I delete them without even reading them, because they're almost ALWAYS spam / phishing.

Then I scrolled down in my inbox, and saw over a dozen emails titled
eBay Listing Confirmed: Pioneer AVH-P7500DVD In-Dash DVD Player TV Tuner Car (###########)

Yes, over a dozen. All the same item.

I tried to log into eBay to check these, and was unable to.

I went back to the first email, and actually read it.

It appears your account was accessed by an unauthorized third party and used to place several unauthorized listings on eBay or to alter some of your current listings. Additionally, the email address on your account may have been tampered with, which is why you may not have received an email about these listings we have taken several steps to secure your eBay account

We were able to end all unauthorized listings on your account without incident. At the time the listings were ended, all associated fees were credited to your account. We assure you that your credit card information is stored on a secure server and cannot be viewed by anyone.

To regain control of your account, please follow the steps outlined below:
1. Change the password on your personal EMAIL account to verify that it is secure and cannot be accessed by anyone other than you.
2. Click the " ?Forgot your password? link on the eBay Sing In page and change your password using the instructions provided.

Notice in the email, they don't provide ANY links to the appropriate pages... This hints very strongly that it is a legitimate email.

My account is now re-secured, with a stronger, different password. The fraudulent listings were ended, and eBay removed the charges from my account. Go eBay.

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