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HUGE problem solved!

Well it's not exactly given me a new hope for humanity, and while it may seem insignificant to some, I just removed a huge portion of stress from my life.

495 to the Toll Road: I love you. And I love you, Galen, too, for suggesting it.

No more parkway for me!!!!

Not only did I get to work faster than I ever have, I took a 'long' way as I missed my exit!

Why did I miss my exit?

Because here I am, tooling down the toll road .. and what is sitting in the right lane slowing for me to race? A shiny new Ferrari 550 Maranello. And there are no cars in sight. I reach for 4th and blow by him with the growl that only a 40 valve audi V8 can muster, slowing up hoping that our feelings of competition are mutual. He catches up and slows. We're going about 70. We're next to each other for a few seconds, and with an almost psychic acknowledgement we each nail it. I'm in 3rd zinging 5k rpm. And now it's a game, and I am racing a Ferrari. On my morning commute!!! He's through one gear and then another by the time I feel the halt of my 7200 rpm rev limiter hit, but our cars are glued to each other. 4th comes as quickly as the stripes are passing between us, and as a few precious seconds tick by I can tell deep down inside that this guy either knows what an S4 is, or just found out. He IS pulling on me though, and at the top of 4th gear and well into the triple digits we both lift with me staring at his taillamps sitting next to my side mirrors.

We slow down and pull up next to each other. We've each got huge grins, and exchange thumbs up at a bravo display. He'll probably pick some fine german cuisine for lunch today. I think I'll have italian.

Did I mention there was no traffic? With only a bit of a slowdown where 66 merged onto 495, I was doing 80mph the rest of the way.

- Keman
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