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I've managed to interest a co-worker who has a 24'x72' garage (barn more than anything) to rent me out a 12'x24' section for all my toolboxes, race rig stuff, the moostang racecar, whole nine yards. First three months rent are free if I let him use my hydraulic engine hoist/stand and help him stuff an engine in some 50's vette. I think I can swing that... :) Best part is it's only 15 minutes from where I'm living here in VA. After the three months we briefly tossed around $100-200 a month or so, which is a fucking steal if you ask me. This is beyond sweet. I'm going there this weekend to check it out and help the dude clean up the 'bay' I'm going to be using. Next year I think race season may be ON .. virginia international raceway. I've got 2 for 2 Vipers so far that have gone off the track trying to keep up with me at high speed. For those that don't know, this car was once a mustang. After 3 years of steady work and uhm... insert dollar figure here which is incredibly irresponsible and illogical that exceeds the price of a new corvette z06 .... it is a 600 hp beast that can pull over a G around a corner and will compete well in American Iron Extreme. Uh, it is not street legal, it isn't streetable. 2-3mpg and race fuel only. Hehe. No mufflers. 0-60mph in.. oh my god we're going 100 no.. 120...

.. it's endurance racing and takes some pretty incredible engineering to get things to survive out there. Hopefully this coming year I'll finish getting my SCCA license and start racing for real.

One of my michigan friends is trailering his race rig (which makes my rig look like a firggen go-kart - tho no dissing the go-karts, you can learn a lot driving them) out here to VIR and I'll be crew chiefing again for him this year.

That's all for now. When I get the mustang and racerig set up out here I'll take some pictures and maybe start my mustang website back up at

Went to the gym tonight and last night. Poor galen is gonna suffer big time over the next couple of weeks as I hold him to a strict workout routine that we escaped out of while I was moving everything down here. Three days on, one day off. Rinse, repeat. Back and biceps, day 2 is chest and triceps, third day is a leg day. Tack on a half hour of cardio at the end of each. Whee....
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