Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit

The good, the bad, and the ugly.

The good: Over the weekend at Galen's company christmas party, I received the honor of opening/tasting/enjoying a bottle of wine from 1970. I have never before had wine so old, the bottle surely had stories of it's life that has been longer than my own. It was relabelled at least once in it's life, though the bottle appears original. I did bring it home. The flavor took a while to unfold when we decanted it. Once it did though, it was terrific.

Making a lot of progress on the story I've been writing for about a year now. It's furry werewolf pr0n. Orin is lending a huge paw and now it's really taking on a professional look.

The bad:

The US postal service was open on sunday, and attempted to deliver something to me which was being expressmailed. I was not present to sign for it, (sig. required) and so it was returned to the post office. But no, not my LOCAL post office. This one is quite a trek from where I live. Why? Because not ALL post offices were open on sunday. So it went back to the one which was. Grrr.

Yesterday there was a Redskins football game at FedEx field. I only know this because the traffic to it started piling up 2 hours in advance, 20 miles away. 20 miles of stop and go, for a fscking football game I didn't want to attend. All I wanted was to get to the garage I use in Maryland and work on the thunderbird. There were no alternate routes, the football stadium was 4 miles from my garage.

Apparently the redskins lost big time. I only know this because I was treated to all the people leaving the game while I drove home from the garage. More traffic. And everyone was an asshole to me. At one point some dude decided that my lane was better than his, and pulled right out in front of me. There was no room in front of me. It was the kind of dumb maneuver that required me to slam on the brakes, kick in the ABS, and come to a screaching halt while laying on the horn. He treated me to his middle finger. Rather than get angry at this I just took a breath and ignored it .. instead focusing on how much I don't want to live here anymore. That is the solution. It will be mine some day.

The ugly:

I went to watch Family Guy last night on TiVO, and instead found Pres. Bush yacking away for 20 minutes. Grrr! My TiVO doesn't know that, so a brand new (and a good one I'm told) episode got wasted.

Add moving to Australia as part of my future desires.

- Keman
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