Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit

Best online vendor response EVAR!

I ordered Keman's replacement Christmas present tonight... The one he posted about two days ago was not what I had ordered, and also had a hole in it. I ordered something different from SBR Multisports, and got the following order confirmation email. Yes, really.

If you are reading this email your order has been accepted and I imagine that this is the greatest moment of your life.

Shopping online is super cool but if you happen to be in New York City and are looking for something to do, please stop by and give us all a big hug. We love cake too!!!

Check out to learn more about whom we are and what we do.

Someone named Kenny from Dahlongega, GA loves us so much he road all they way up to New York City and stayed with us for a week.

If you care more about your order than our nonsense you can track your package right to your doorstep. We will email you tracking information on the night that your orders ships.
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