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Went to Further Confusion this year. Still here in fact. Having a great time, seeing a lot of people in the bay area that I've not seen in a long time.

Contemplating some ideas on the fur suits that Galen and I are thinking of acquiring/constructing.

I'd like to weld up an aluminum digitigrade hindpaw frame that clamps to the ankles and provides an extension to the foor that is articulated/hinged which will still provide ease of movement and balance. This covered in fur would get a true digitigrade paw setup. I do NOT expect this to be easy. But, I've got a lot of experience welding and fabricating things, and almost have enough materials on hand to construct it. We shall see.

The other unique aspect would be a binocular CCD camara/viewfinder setup integraded into the head. This would provide a full 160+ degree field of view left and right with depth perception, and none of the tunnel vision that fursuit heads with "eye holes" which aren't very close to the head. This setup can be made surprisingly cheap using old compact camcorder viewfinders hooked up to now-cheap compact color CCD's. I'd definitely be putting some cooling fans in this setup to help keep fogging/heat down.

Galens suit would likely lack the digitigrade setup because he likes to rollerblade (he's crazy) in suit, but I think he'd greatly benefit from the CCD setup. Put two cameras in the back of the head and he can rollerblade backwards. :)

Overall, a good time. Ambien should make tomorrows plane trip unrememberable and uneventful.

My sexual frustrations/complications are unfortunately at an all time high right now. Which is to say that I've been really horny but not interested in playing with people in the slightest. This really bites at the con, cuz there's a few people who REALLY want to play. And I'd really like to play with them, but ... all it's gonna result in is me in a room with them, and me thinking to myself "What the fuck have I done, I'm so not interested in playing with you." ... trust me, there are few situations that are conceivably more uncomfortable.

That's actually the thing that bugs me the most right now. You'd think with all my experience playing, and all the good times I've had, and all the desire I have to HAVE a good time, I'd start developing an appeal to playing around with people. Yet I don't.

- Keman
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