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To sum it up in one word: Retarded

Specifically, that was the most retarded movie I've ever seen.

The religious nut job pamphlets that were handed to me while I was getting a seat in the theatre didn't start the movie off well.

Luckily, it didn't take bashing the religious "undertones" of the movie in order to tear it to pieces.

Things like... falling into a freezing river and then swimming ashore and walking along through the winter landscape with drenched clothes and not so much as shivvering?

Perhaps becoming a master swordsman with just 5 minutes of training. Or learning how to throw a dagger 50 feet to stick into a bullseye having never picked one up before?


Maybe it was Santa Clause handing out weapons for christmas. THERE we go ...

Hey maybe I'll poke fun at the technical failings: Here's a hint Disney- when you do a night scene, maybe don't do it in the day and apply a night filter. One might notice the BLUE SKY and CLOUDS in the background, making the night filter just a tad obvious.

Oh but I'm told I should make exceptions for this movie. It's a kids story, I'm told. It's fantasy, I'm told.

It's an insult, really, is what it is. And a pathetic one at that. Here's my $8 wasted, and 2.5 hours of my life gone which shall never return.

I cannot appreciate this movie because of what it represents. Because of the religion it supports and promotes. Because it is an attempt to manipulate people into believing christianity.

Perhaps I am the only one who hated this movie. *shrugs*

- Keman
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