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Free XM radio to USPS

So I was at the post office just now and I went to pay and they refused to accept my credit card.

"It says SEE ID Sir. We cannot take this card."

Oh great. This again. I just dealt with this yesterday too.

All my cards say SEE ID on them.

So I put my signature on it, what the hell. It's a small squiggle.

They refuse it still. "That's not a signature."

So I pull out my drivers license, to show them my signature .. and the guy starts refusing to want to look at it, like he's been beat up side the head and told he'll be fired if he looks at anyones drivers license instead of signing their card.

He finally took my card.

What kind of utter bullshit is this? Are their clerks that stupid that they can't be relied upon to look at someones PHOTO ID when the card asks for it, so instead, they ban their ability to do so?

And for what, theft protection from stolen credit cards?

I need to find a new planet to live on. An advanced race of beings who would, like I, laugh at the fact that a signature on a credit card AS THE form of ID protection is no different than say.. your PIN being printed on your ATM card. If it's there, a thief can use it. Duh? DUHH? *drools*

I'll just think happy wolf thoughts. Yes .. happy wolf thoughts. *whine*

- Keman
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