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12 gauge 7/16" titanium captive beads

That's what be in the nipples now ...

It hurt, a lot .. a little more than the first time since it was scar tissue.

I'm not without my skills for enduring pain though .. I sat quietly and stared off at a single point in space, focusing on not analyzing the pain and not letting it echo around inside me.

My body knew something was up though. It had just registered two serious wounds ... and a whole lot of pain.

As soon as I looked in the mirror when it was all done and I got up from the table, it's like my body figured it out... and I knew this would happen-- it always does it like this. Can be any amount of time afterwards, I'm fine .. but when I look...


Hearing rapidly fades, my insides cramp up, I feel sick.. vision becomes a tunnel.. I gotta sit down. Damn ... endorphins. Adrenalin. SWEAT .. just.. pours down my face. The piercer gets me a cup of water and a lollypop .. which I down and suck on .. in a few minutes I start feeling better. Amazingly better. Ahhh ...

And then that's it! :)

Glad to have it over with. VERY glad...

- Keman
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