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if you think it's an ingrown.. it is.

Over the weekend I sold nearly half a grand worth of random car parts I'd been accumulating over the years. Most didn't cost me much, if anything, and were rather useless to me. The bidding wars rose and I watched my paypal account rise. Hey, I can get used to that!

With the money that I raised, I put a bid on some 2003 Acura TL Type S front seats for the Thunderbird. They're black leather, heated, power, with memory settings. I snagged them for $225 with no competing bidders. W00t.

Also picked up a pair of Merrell Chamelion 2 Gore-Tex XCR's

They're made out of pigskin leather, gor-tex, etc. They are the nicest shoes I've ever owned. While I don't exactly do a lot of trail running, I've always worn shoes designed for running as I find them comfortable, lightweight, and supportive. When I used to run long distance, I'd retire my running shoes every 4-6 months and just start wearing them for daily use, so I guess it's an acquired taste.

Anyhow, these look quite casual at first glance, moreso in person than you can tell by the photo.

How well are they built? Double stitches everywhere, firm feel all over. These things make my Nike's look like jewelry. They are the G-Shock of watches, the linesman's pliars of tools. Good for everything and destined to be useful for a long long time. Thank you Decca for retuning my taste for outdoorwear.

I got my ADDerall meds situation sorted out; now I take 2x15mg XR per day, as opposed to one 30mg. Since I'm unlikely to actually take two per day all the time, I'll begin to build up a reserve over time and that should eliminate the little excitement that running out of meds over the weekend brought. The withdrawl symptoms really aren't -that- bad .. but it does suck when it happens, it makes it very hard to function productively.

Some of my favorite authors on yiffstar have been really pumping out the stories lately. It's made for some pleasant surprises and I'm happy to see their writing skills improving over time.

This morning I had the displeasure of dealing with one of those sorts of ingrown hairs I've only ever heard about. For a couple of weeks now I've had this ingrown on my neck from shaving, that I've picked at fruitlessly off and on. I'd dig at it with tweezers till it was bloody, then decide that no, it's not an ingrown, leave it the hell alone. And then it would remain, like a zit that just couldn't pop, and I'd pick at it again, find nothing besides some blood, and give up again. I'd SWEAR that I could see something dark under the surface, like it was a hair. But by the time I got into it, it was just red and bloody and I was feeling like an obsessive compulsive. This morning .. I went all out. I really had at it with tweezers in the shower, performing my own little surgury. I finally squeeze and pull, and proceed to pull out a hair that was over 1/2" long. I was a little horrified at this. But at least the bloodshed was worth it. Next time, I'm not gonna hold back. If you think it's an ingrown, it's an ingrown.

I foresee getting laser hair removal at LEAST on my neck sometime in the next 6 months. That's where I get ingrowns these days. The rest of my face is fine if I shave every other day, use a Mach 3 Power razor, and only go against the grain once and lightly at that.

If it works well, I'll get the rest of my face done. I'm told it hurts. I'll bet it doesn't hurt as much as my tattoo's and piercings hurt. :)

Speaking of which.. 12 gauge nipple rings are going in sometime this week. This time it's titanium jewelry. Last time it was 14 gauge stainless and after 10 months of not healing, I gave up and pulled them out. Round 2 is gonna hurt like a bitch. I reallly don't like pain these days. *whimper*

- Keman
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