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I let Saku, my malamute out back, which is a fenced in yard this morning. And when I went to let him back in 15 minutes later, he was gone. The gate was somehow open.

I stayed calm, went outside in search of him. Always terrified of this happening, when it actually did.. I was surprisingly sereine. My body felt numb, and the world just stood still as I did a 360 scanning the leafless trees. A white/grey malamute stands out like a sore thumb. He was nowhere to be seen. Even the wind seemed to halt, and the oncoming rain just... froze in it's tracks. Clouds stood still. I could hear everything for a great distance.

But for as far as I could look, I could not see him.

Thoughts began racing through my mind, of where he might be, of how the gate got opened. Did someone take him? Dog theft occurs a lot more than people are aware, especially with purebreeds, especially a breed that will happily welcome any stranger.

Then the thoughts of what I would do began. I tried to call galen, but my phone had crashed and required taking the battery out and putting it back in to reboot it. When it booted, it wouldn't bring up my phone # listings, it just kept saying "please wait..." so I finally snagged the house phone, and got a hold of galen and explained the situation. he headed home immediately. I resisted the urge to smash my cellphone into many useless pieces for failing me at such a critical time, but I knew it's functionality might be about to be very needed. No, the phone will suffer later. I went back outside. I traced what I thought were his steps, and went out to the front of the complex instead of the forest behind. I started walking down the sidewalk at a face pace, heading towards the major road near where we live. About 1/4 mile later, I spot motion. And then I see him .. on the side of the road, just nosing along. I start running towards him.

He sees me, and starts running towards me. I catch up to him and snag his collar, I don't punish him of course .. he's happy to see me, and thinks everything is ok. And .. it is.

He was about a half mile from our house.

So... now I'm off to my doctors office. I was already going through meds withdrawl from over the weekend-- my doctor went on vacation or something. He called me last night from his house, all apologetic for not getting me my refills. Amphetamines are not something you want to experience withdrawl from, as I am right now. So I'm a little... shaken up and out of it at the moment. Galens home, he's gonna drive me.

Never a dull moment...

- Keman
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