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The good, the bad, and the UGLY.

The good: Thanksgiving weekend. Had thurs and friday off. Overall a very relaxing weekend. I'd like to say it was entirely unproductive, which is a GREAT thing, honestly. A vacation from the ordinary ... and a very lazy one at that. Mm. Lazy woofs...

The bad: Fairfax county parkway. Tonight I saw a standard temp construction-type sign in the median, displaying the following: SPEED LIMIT 50mph .. WATCH YOUR SPEED .. 50 MEANS 50 ...

ok, wtf. NO REALLY, I thought 50 meant 80 !!! DURRR! ... I flipped the sign off and promptly sped up to 80. Honestly, I'm not looking for some stupid attitude from a damn sign. It's not like it was radaring anyone. on my way back I saw the same message. 50 MEANS 50. Well isn't that just something. What's next: SPEEDING = GODLESSNESS, SPEED = SIN ???

The UGLY: XM radio is about to lose me as a customer. I've been one since they first came out over 5 years ago. Why am I leaving? They took over my dance channel to play christmas music. What's worse, is that they took it over to play the SAME CHRISTMAS MUSIC THAT THEY'RE PLAYING ON ANOTHER CHANNEL, that they also took over. Yes folks .. it's redundant. As in, it plays the same songs, at the same time, in sync .. with the other christmas music channels. You go from one, to my dance channel .. and.. the music is the same.

So there's only a couple possible reasons to do this.

1. They did it because tEh dance = tEh gay, and XM is owned by a christian operated radio station company: Clearwater broadcasting.

2. They did it so that you'd get hit by christmas music when you went to listen to dance music, because afterall christmas is a time for respecting God's holiday, not dancing, so go back to church and confess your sins you godless anti american faggot.

What other possibilities are there? They did it on ACCIDENT? Pshaw. Yeah. Right. Like they're really going to nix an entire channel that lots of people listen to on accident. It's been this way for days now and me thinks it's not changing any time soon.

I'll be interested to see what their excuse is when I call them up to cancel. It had better be good.

To be honest, having christmas shoved in my face and now down my throat by arrogant companies who think they know what's best for me has basically ruined my opinion of christmas, which wasn't great to start with. As a result, I'm no longer celebrating it. I don't need a particular time of year to find excuse to buy my family friends gifts. When I see something I know they can use or will like and I can afford it- I buy it for them. So sure, I'll take gifts. And oh I'll take the vacation holiday time off. By all means, stretch it out and give me a week even if it stops baby jesus from crying.

But the rest of christmas? The ideas behind it, what it represents? Screw that. Not happening.

This year my gift to myself will probably be a Sirius radio module for the audi. I will video tape the destruction of the XM unit with a sledgehammer. >:)

- Keman
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